In Searching for Maximum Flavor, Chef Adrianne explores various cities around the United States seeking out inspiration through culinary treasures, riveting adventure, and compelling conversations with chefs, distillers, winemakers, and every spirited storyteller in between, all to help create her signature “maximum flavor” style. The immersive experience truly stimulates all the senses with a variety of sights, sounds, and flavors. As Chef Adrianne and her team describe the tastes of the dishes and libations, the viewer is captivated as well with mouthwatering depictions of palate-pleasing bites and drinks. What makes this series distinct, is each city’s segment ends in one of Chef Adrianne’s restaurant kitchens, where she shows her followers how to recreate each iconic dish with a vibrant dose of “maximum flavor.” It’s a flavorful end to a high-energy journey, leaving the viewer craving more! To sum it up, Chef Adrianne wants viewers to get the inside scoop on how to eat, drink, and play like a true Bon Vivant!